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Industrial Electrical Superintendent
Author:Century 3 Pdate:2022-08-29


Industrial Electrical Superintendent

Work area:

Greer, SC

Job Specification:

  • Installs power supply wiring and conduit for newly installed machines and equipment such as robots, conveyors, and programmable controllers.

  • Connects power supply wires to machines and equipment, and connects cables and wires between machines and equipment.

  • Replaces faulty electrical components of machine such as relays, switches, and motors, and positions sensing devices.

  • Plans layout of wiring and installs wiring, conduit, and electrical apparatus.

  • Other duties may be assigned.

Key qualification:

  • Computer, analytical and communication skills.

  • Thorough understanding of scheduling and able to meet deadlines.

  • Creative problem solving skills.

Other requirements:

  • Willingness to work in industrial environments.

  • Ability/Willingness to climb to elevated platforms via plant stairs and ladders at client sites.

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