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Century 3, Inc.(C3) invites qualified professionals to join us and achieve your full potential. We seek talented professionals to be part of and help shape our growth and benefit from a company working on the cutting edge of design and construction in a demanding and rapidly changing market.

  • Employment Philosophy

    At Century 3 we believe in creating an environment that challenges our associates to learn and work together in a spirit of innovation and cooperation. To achieve this we encourage open and honest communication, offer opportunities for qualified staff to go abroad to gain work experience, and offer advancement to those who embrace our culture and serve our clients effectively.

  • C3 Commitment

    Century 3 is committed to serving our clients as their business grows and expands around the world. By being committed to always working in our client's best interest, and through open communication and cooperation with all stake holders, we aim to achieve success on each and every one of our projects and foster a working environment that benefits both our clients and staff members.

  • Equality & Diversity

    Quality, flexibility, creativity, and entrepreneurship are the main characteristics of Century 3’s company culture. Century 3 understands that its employees create the value that sets C3 apart from its competitors. C3 encourages diversity in its work environment, as a means of enhancing creativity, communication skills and open-mindedness.